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Special offers and services provided with shrink wrappers

We offer a complete solution for your problems related to boat and our support simplify your transportation and storage matters. Shrink wrapper minimize your maintenance costs and your boats devaluation. Shrink wrapper save your time by making your boat for the winterization. Complete the work on your boat when you want without waiting for a weather window.

It can be fixed with your boat pole up and it affords a harmony of mind during the winter season. Shrink wrapper do not blow away when heavy storm occurs. The important entity of shrink wraps is its long durability and it is heat shrunk to make a cask fitted and it act as a slit resistant cover over any figure.This process forms a rigid, fused skin overwhelming the disadvantages of conservative wrap covers which includes as canvases, plastic coverings that can remove and flap around during transport. During manufacturing, the wrap is overextended though still hot from the extruder Boat shrink wrappers are almost elastic in nature.After the shrink-wrap is fitted on the boat this stretching is reversed by the use of heat to the cover.We are designed the boat shrink wrapper in such a manner to hold huge weights over the wrapper. This is the reason that causes the wrap to shrink and protects over the boat